How are they Made?

Foster and Pearson How are they Made?

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Victorian Greenhouses, Victorian Greenhouses for corporate or private clients in the UK Sussex including London, Brighton and all the other surrounding areas.

Foster and Pearson Ltd is the only company still faithfully producing glasshouses to the original Victorian design and specification. This is done without compromise, the new castings and timber sections being completely interchangeable with those built in the 19th century. The ironmongery, which includes brass door furniture and window hinges, is all manufactured specifically for our products. The introduction of inferior modern practices has been avoided, for instance, we make our own Whitworth form, square headed nuts and bolts, used slotted screws for the fixings and iron for our castings. These castings are all machined in house and then fitted up by hand. Great care is used in the selection of straight grained timber to ensure stability and longevity. The timbers are primed before assembly ensuring the best protection. Attractive traditional beaver tailed shuffle glazing is fitted to the glasshouses. This is used to divert the water away from the drip bars. The underside of these unique drip bars, which have been in use for over 130 years, have integral grooves moulded within them to minimise condensation dripping on to the plants below.

Once the design has been approved your glasshouse is manufactured by highly skilled craftsmen who assemble the entire structure within our workshops for your inspection before despatch.


  • NATURAL PRODUCT - Timbers are selected from sustainable sources.

  • NATURALLY WARM PRODUCT - It is a naturally warm product which can be easily moulded. This means that get sharp edges and condensation problems associated with aluminium are avoided. There is no need for unsightly rubber gaskets to house the glazing as the glass can be puttied directly into the wood. Furthermore the sections of timber can be finer giving an more pleasant look, as well as being more functional as it allows for a greater area of glass. The durability of timber is often questioned, however, there are many examples of Foster and Pearson glasshouses in daily use having given over 100 years service.


  • HEAVIER AND MORE RIGID THAN ALUMINIUM - Although more expensive to produce the iron has the advantages of being heavier and more rigid than aluminium, and because of this it is possible to produce more refined designs.

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The basic designs of glasshouses are clear span, three quarter span and lean to. The free standing clear span design gives the greatest depth relative to overall height, more ...

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How are they made?

Foster and Pearson Ltd is the only company still faithfully producing glasshouses to the original Victorian design and specification. more ...